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I grew up in the small town of Collingswood, NJ located right across the river from Philadelphia, PA which strangely enough has always had a large Country music following. I’ve been singing and playing guitar for most of my life and my parents will tell you that I’ve been telling stories ever since I learned to talk, so I guess it’s pretty fitting that I chose to become a songwriter. Some of my fondest memories as a child are when my Grandfather would play his guitar in the living room and my Grandmother would be singing along in the kitchen. Songs by artists like Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn, Tammy Wynette, Charlie Pride, Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson…let’s just say I definitely got an early education in some of Nashville’s greats. In fact the first concert I ever went to was when they took me to see Willie Nelson and The Family Band with Ray Benson and Asleep At The Wheel as the opening act…Wow, how cool is that!

Shortly after that I started taking formal guitar lessons and found myself playing in a few different garage bands throughout High School…mostly classic rock stuff like Hendrix, The Beatles, Stones, Zeppelin, and The Who…great songs and some legendary guitar licks! Next thing I knew I was off to Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA where four years later I received a Bachelor of Music Degree. Soon after graduation I began doing studio session work and playing gigs with various area bands which eventually led to a twelve year run with the indie rock band Mercy River. Unfortunately for one reason or another things just never panned out the way I had hoped and my creative hunger was never completely satisfied.

Fast forward to now…after many years of live gigging and literally hundreds of recording sessions under my belt, I decided to take some time off to reflect on my life and work on myself both musically as well as on a personal level. So here I am today, first time as a solo Country artist coming back full circle to where it all started. Back to the storytelling and music that engrained itself in me as young boy. Deep down inside I know it’s always been there, just took a little soul searching for me to find it once again.

“Born with a pick in my hand, baptized a Six String Believer.”


Album Credits 
Words and Music by Jeffrey Kay 
Produced by Chuck Butler and Jeffrey Kay 
Recorded and mixed by Chuck Butler at Baker Sound Studios (Philadelphia, PA) 
Violin on “Mucha Nothin’” recorded by Rich Kurtz at Cadence Music (Galloway, NJ) 

Jeffrey Kay (Vocals, Guitars, Mandolin, Gryphon) 
Chuck Butler (Keyboards and Programming)
Michael Mean (Bass Guitar)
Gary Kelley (Pedal Steel Guitar on “Whole Lot More”, “Maybe Later On”, “Mucha Nothin’”)
Aaron Nemiroff (Background Vocals on “Look At You Now”, “Whole Lot More”, “Maybe Later On”)
Kenny Ilg (Violin on “Mucha Nothin’”)